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Welcome to Rometobe, your exclusive destination in Rome's Prati district. Located near the Vatican Museums, our Guest House offers a unique stay experience, combining elegance classic and modern amenities.

Choose superior comfort, choose Rometobe for an unforgettable experience in the City Eternal.

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Rometobe's rooms are designed to provide you with the perfect stay

From the comfortable single room to the spacious triple room, every space is taken care of to the details to ensure the utmost comfort and elegance. Let yourself be seduced by the luxury affordability of our double and triple rooms, where design and functionality come together harmoniously.

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Take advantage of our exclusive offers: Early Booking and Last Minute, both at a 15% discount. Select date and guests to check prices and availability.

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340 237.0166   -   06 3975.6683
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Distance: 1.82 km

Vatican Museums

Just steps away from RomeToBe, the Vatican Museums offer a priceless collection of art and history. A must for anyone visiting Rome, full of unique masterpieces.

Distance: 1.99 km

St. Peter's Square

Immerse yourself in the spirituality and architectural beauty of St. Peter's Square. Iconic place for papal events and moments of deep reflection, within walking distance.

Distance: 0.57 km

Ottaviano Subway

The Ottaviano metro station, near RomeToBe, makes it easy to explore every corner of Rome. Quick access to historic sites and cultural neighborhoods.

Distance: 2.01 km

Olympic Stadium Tour

Visit the Olympic Stadium, epicenter of sporting events and concerts. Just a 15-minute walk, perfect for sports and music fans visiting Rome.